Maximising Efficiency With Telehandler Attachment Hire


A telehandler is a robust and effective piece of machinery that you see most commonly used on construction sites across the country. When you consider the benefits of hiring a telehandler from a reputable plant hire company, you’ll gain all the benefits of utilising the latest technology and equipment that ensures the highest levels of productivity and efficiency. Despite this, there is something more you can do to maximise efficiency and ensure that you are meeting optimal levels of telehandler use within your project, and that is to look into telehandler attachment hire.

How to maximise efficiency of telehandlers

Before we get to the attachments for telehandlers, it is also important to understand the things that you can do to ensure you are maximising the telehandler alone. This includes making sure that you select the optimal telehandler for the specific needs of your project, site, and tasks at hand. This means assessing the loads that need lifting, the space constraints and heights being worked at. Once you have chosen the correct telehandler, it is important to provide training manuals and on-site training to the operators so that they are fully efficient and operate the telehandlers in the safest mode at all times.

Understand the risks all around the site and specific to the area in which the telehandler will be operating. This ensures that you are fully aware of all risks, understand what needs to be changed before the operator commences work, and that everyone else on site working understands the risks around the telehandler. The latest models of telehandler will include the latest safety technology, which these days can also include AI safety cameras to alert operators and pedestrians to a close collision. Making the most of the latest technology helps to monitor fuel consumption, increases safety standards, and improves efficiencies on every task the telehandler takes part in.

Utilising attachments to enhance telehandler use

Now that you know what to do to maximise the efficiency of telehandler use on site, you can transform things even more with the choice of telehandler attachment. There is a whole host of potential telehandler attachments that you can add to the machine to help the operator work effectively on a wide range of different tasks that a telehandler alone could not handle. Whether you want to add a lifting beam, a bucket, a fork, a winch, or any of the other potential telehandler attachments, it can truly transform the potential of the telehandler on site.

Telehandler hire is a demand that continues to rise within the UK construction industry, whilst continuing to grow in popularity amongst a wide range of other industries due to its versatility and robustness in the face of myriad locations and situations. Whether you are looking to hire a roto telehandler, a heavy lift telehandler, or you want to look at telehandler attachments, you’ll want to build a solid relationship with a plant hire service that meets your needs on a consistent basis. The expertise and guidance you receive from a good plant hire company will help you to choose the correct telehandler attachment that can transform your operations and ensure you have ultimate flexibility whilst maintaining high levels of safety and productivity.


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