Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger with These Modern Renovation Ideas


Today, having a small kitchen does not mean you are short on space. There are many ways to make it look bigger and wider, thanks to modern renovation ideas. Modern renovation ideas work on concepts and calculations to derive the required results, no matter which part you are considering to renovate. So, when it comes to smaller kitchens, there are hundreds of ideas that can make it look bigger.

Here, we have listed some of those ideas that you can implement during your kitchen renovation project and see the difference yourself.

Use paints intelligently

Paints play a major role in determining the environment and vibe of any space in the house, be it the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, or any other. Talking about kitchen, using different paints and painting techniques allows you to manipulate this space beautifully. Here how:

  • Use a light and neutral color tone to create an illusion of a bigger space.
  • Paint the bottom cabinets dark and the upper cabinets in a lighter tone to give the illusion of height.
  • Keep the ceiling white.
  • Make use of shiny colors for the light to play across and make the kitchen look bigger.

Use glass doors or open shelving

When your kitchen is stacked with closed-door cabinets, the space looks clumsy and small. A quick idea to resolve this issue is to use glass cabinet doors or open shelving. The glass doors reflect light and make the space look bigger. However, keep in mind that the cabinets or shelves should be organized and clutter-free.

Use mirrors

Installing mirrors or reflective surfaces is a no-brainer for making the space look bigger. While it reflects light, it also makes the space appear bigger. You can either go for a complete mirror in the kitchen or a mirror setting in the backsplash. Both works wonderfully. 

Keep in mind the lighting

After painting, the lights play an important role in your kitchen. Accent lights at specific places near the cabinets and small spotlights in the cooking area can make the space appear bigger. Apart from that, if you have a provision to connect the outdoors with your kitchen, go for it by placing a glass door in this section and let the natural light do its magic.

With YHIT kitchen renovations, you barely need to worry about anything. From planning to execution, they can do wonders for your kitchen space. 

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